Hi, nice blog. Pretty informative. But,before you start signing papers with a broker, it is important to discuss fees. Brokers work on a commission basis and often receive lender fees. The broker is usually paid by the buyer or lender. You can pay the broker with cash, rebates, or proceeds from your loan. The fees are added to your total amount.

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In the US nearly 750,000 owners are in trouble – this is up about 96% for the first eight months of this year (2007). You must first asses your ability to make payments on your loan before you consider the steps that need to be made to stop foreclosure and the refinance options available to you. If you are buried in debt then you may not b able to carry the burden of even a lower payment. You must ask yourself if the lower payment is better for your budget than getting in a lower rent situation. If saving your home from foreclosure is a viable option to consider then you must make contact with the lender who is trying to foreclose on your property. It is likely that they are already in contact with you so this may be easy to do. If you are several months over due you might need to make up a payment or two to negotiate with them to stop foreclosure. You can also show proof of your progress to refinance your home and stop foreclosure. The loan company or lender you are dealing with may have private investors that can help you out. Many foreclosure investors are in constant contact with lending institutions seeking loan opportunities for foreclosure properties.

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save your home: get a stop foreclosure loan

before you do anything, you must recognize the position you are in.
it is important to accept your dilemma and then prepare to move forward. start by contacting your lender and inform them that you understand you may be facing foreclosure action and that you are willing to save your home. next, you can seek a stop foreclosure loan through your current lender or a different one. loan modification kits can be a helpful guide too.

• What is it? A stop foreclosure loan is essentially a second loan. This loan is used to pay off what you owe from the previous unpaid months. It helps bring your mortgage account back to current status.
• How do you get one? Which ever bank gives you a stop foreclosure loan, they will do so based on your ability to repay; just like any other loan. Therefore, you must create a balance sheet or financial portfolio. Accuracy and honesty is of the utmost importance. You do not want to deceive yourself or the bank about your ability to repay or you may find yourself in the same position. List your assets and liabilities. Or more simply, your income and expenses. This allows you to present a case for repayment based on potential cost cutting that will provide additional cash.
• Possible Shortfalls? The interest rate on a stop foreclosure loan should not be higher than your current loan. Ideally, it should be lower so as to give you some relief. Additionally, some of these loans may be based on any equity you have built up in the house. Therefore, a default on both the mortgage and stop foreclosure loan may leave no equity at all. It also may make the house less attractive to potential buyers if a sale is your only option.
• Should you do it? If you are facing certain foreclosure, seeking a stop foreclosure loan seems like an easy decision. It instantly brings your mortgage back to current status and essentially gives you a second chance. Be careful of the interest rates before agreeing to one and remember to shop around with different lenders before agreeing to a rate.


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