(And Why Is He Cluttering My Inbox)

Roger Tauss is Legislative and Political Director of the Transport Workers Union (and International Vice President). While this is a personal blog and does not speak for the TWU, his over thirty years in politics and the labor movement hopefully provide a unique combination of experiences to bring to the discussion of the strategy and tactics of the progressive movement.

Two years in Mississippi with SNCC in 1967-68 turned him from an academic career to politics and organizing. While doing community organizing in Philadelphia, he went to work driving a bus for the SEPTA system, started a rank-and-file group (“Driving Force”) and was elected President of the Local (1983-89). He went with the International Union in 1989 and in 1993 was sent to Washington to establish a legislative and political program for the union. He has been in DC ever since, the lumpy, uncomfortable pea under the mattresses of the princes and princesses of the Democratic Party and Labor.